Study areas

Seven study areas were selected in Flanders, based on input from end users, available data, current and future projects, needs for scientific research, etc. The study areas also differ in soil type, topography, land use and spatial extent. The work packages 1 to 6 will be conducted mainly in these study areas.
The final products of the Future Floodplains project will be sufficiently generally valid and therefore interesting for end users active in other floodplain areas, within but also beyond Flanders.


Main valley upstream Leuven and the Laan-valley


Regio Aarschot - Diest

Grote Nete

Regio Grote Netewoud

Herk & Mombeek

Regio Stevoort - Kortesem

Zwarte Beek

Upstream Canal Albert


confluence of Grote & Kleine Gete

Mene & Jordaan