WP4: Changes in river and floodplain geoecohydrology at mid- to longer timescales

WP4 aims to reconstruct the changes in geoecohydrology of floodplains at mid- to longer timescales

The geomorphological (WP1), hydrological (WP2) and ecological (WP3) models will be validated based on long-term reconstructions of floodplains. The long-term geomorphological changes of the floodplains will be reconstructed using detailed corings along cross-section through the floodplains. The long-term ecohydrological changes will be reconstructed using a multi-proxy analysis including pollen, macro remains and testate amoebae analysis. These data will also be used to reconstruct the relations between the abiotic and biotic changes in floodplains.

Reconstructing the long-term geoecohydrological changes of floodplains will allow us to better predict future changes in the floodplain geoecohydrology, i.e. "The past is the key to the future".