WP1: Changes in river morphology and flood frequency

WP1 aims to simulate the changes in river channels morphology and flood frequency, and aims to predict future changes in floodplain geomorphology under changing socio-ecological conditions.

Hydrological and sediment discharge model

Changes in the landscape, such as land use changes and climate changes, can cause an increase or decrease in runoff and sediment discharge. Within WP1, a coupled hydrological-sediment transport model will be developed that simulates daily water and sediment discharge using precipitation and land cover data. Existing models, such as the WaTEM/SEDEM model developed at KU Leuven, will be used as a starting point.

River channel morphology model

Changes in runoff and sediment discharge can cause in turn an incision or aggradation of the river channel and can change the morphology of the river channel. The morphology of the river channel influences the flood frequency and the deposition of sediments and nutrients in the floodplain, and assuch the morphology and soil quality of the floodplain. These interactions are however not well known. Within WP 1, a model will be developed that simulates changes in river morphology, flood frequency and floodplain morphology.